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Amplifying forecasting with machine learning & AI

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Our platform is enabling our clients to capture terabytes of proprietary and alternative data, automate the processing, cleaning, tuning and ultimately delivering tailored predictive insights in a fraction of the time. What would normally have taken a few weeks, now takes a few hours – one quantitative analyst with the power of 20

Our forecasts are unmatched in terms of accuracy and speed, across sectors and markets. For that reason we are used by a selected range of clients, including some of the largest commodities and energy traders in the world, one of the best performing hedge funds in history, and global information providers

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Area of operation.


We are forecasting political risk, and specific indicators for Globlal macro funds giving them indicators to execute. Working for hedge funds and channel partners we deliver some of the hardest metrics to predict with unpresidented accuracy.


Upstream we are predicting asset timelines and production volume. Midstream we are forecasting demand, consumption and usage profiles for trading houses and energy suppliers. Downstream we are predicting usage patterns for large multi-site PLC.


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Traditional forecasts are not accurate for several reasons

Alternative Data

Utilising alternative data correctly is difficult and issues within the data are hard to localize.


Designing, tuning and implementing models takes time and a large team of quantitative analysts.

Regime changes

Forecasts stop working as regime changes happen, with no time and resources to address them properly – alternative algorithms, constant tuning and tweaking are needed for the forecasts to remain accurate.

To overcome these challenges, we collected a group of data scientists, mathematicians, quants, machine learning researchers and domain experts passionate about solving difficult problems. After an early start of successfully implementing our technology at various hedge funds, we decided to create LiveMetrics.

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