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Amplifying forecasting with machine learning by delivering strategic insights and improving research across markets.


Our platform is enabling investors, researchers and brokers to capture terabytes of proprietary and alternative data, automate the processing, cleaning, tuning and ultimately delivering tailored predictive insights in a fraction of the time. What would normally have taken a few weeks, now takes a few hours – one quantitative analyst with the power of 20. Our forecasts are unmatched in terms of accuracy and speed, across sectors and markets. For that reason we are used by a selected range of clients, including some of the largest commodities and energy traders in the world, one of the best performing hedge funds in history, and global information providers.

Alternative Data

Alternative data matters in forecasting. However, utilising it correctly is difficult and issues within the data are hard to localise.


Designing, tuning, testing and implementing quantitative models takes time and a large team of quantitative analysts in order for it to be done optimally.

Regime changes

Forecasts stop working as regime changes happen, with a constant stream of new data available, your models have to adapt in real-time.



From forecasting monthly ECB bond purchases to predicting 20 different Chinese macroeconomic indicators prior to public release with ground-breaking accuracy, we take macro forecasting to the next level.


Helping generators, traders, suppliers and major users to forecast their generation and consumption profiles, purchasing strategies and trading signals to a higher degree of accuracy.


Enabling leading commodities traders, financial and research institutions to take advantage of opportunities through monitoring and sensing, rapid change detection, political risk, scenario & simulation.


Copper. Zinc. Nickel. Gold. Your choice. Any metals of interest, our specialisation is in utilising alternative data sources to deliver unprecedented insights into the metals supply chain.


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